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Mentoring Packages

I am opening my books for a handful of mentoring students. Mentoring can be availed of in blocks of 4, 8 or 12 sessions and can be arranged weekly, fortnightly or monthly. 

Each package is tailored to the needs of the individual mentee.

Please submit a Contact form for more information. 


"Aoife is an attentive, intelligent, and engaging mentor. As well as providing insightful feedback on individual poems of mine, she has helped me become a better editor of my own work. Meetings with her are learning-by-doing, helping me become attuned to my own poetic intuition as well as the various ways that word choice, imagery, and space interact within a poem to create an effect."

Kate Millar, Scottish Poetry Library, Young Makar 2023 ​

"Working with Aoife was a joy, she is such a skilled and talented editor who knows when to suggest tiny tweaks or bigger changes and when to leave the poet to work through things on their own. She was always there for me and wanted me to write the very best poem I could with her wonderful help. I knew my work was in safe and trusted hands as Aoife is such an amazing poet as well as an accomplished editor."  -Lynn Valentine

"I have been writing poetry for years and attended Aoife's 'Into Poetry' workshops. They were excellent; well structured, informative, practical, challenging and enjoyable. And there is the bonus of a one-to-one session for those who wish. She is a very good teacher; gracious, very insightful and humourous and everyone's input is valued.The resources with each session are comprehensive. So there is much to be going on with! I heartily recommend this course."  - Colm Black

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