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Poetry Trail I: Perth

I woke up early (a common theme when you live in the Highlands) and headed down the A9 to be part of the William Soutar Prize events that were organised and hosted by the AK Bell Library in Perth.

First up was a poetry workshop with John Glenday, who was also the judge for the Prize, that managed to incorporate emblems, catechism and creation into a brief hour and a half, followed by his giving a reading of some of his own work.

William Soutar Awards

Several of the poems came from his upcoming collection, The Golden Mean, which will be published on the 10th September 2015.  ‘The Walkers’ is a must.

Without a doubt, the most encouraging part of the day was the fact that all the shortlisted poets were given an opportunity to read their work before the awards were announced, and the poems of all the commended entries were displayed for everyone to read.  Despite not being placed, I came away from the day invigorated by how passionately the Prize’s organizers and facilitators appreciate both the poets and the poetry they produce, and I look forward  to the opportunity of entering again in the future.

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